Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015


In a few weeks my semester is over and therefore I'm going to finish my bachelor thesis about mobile VR soon. As I told you in the beginning I was to write a blog about mobile Apps for VR glasses, the goggles themselves and some other topics around mobile VR.

This blog was the first one I have written and I have to say, that it was really interesting. It was cool trying to get some information or news and share them to others over the internet. I learned a lot of new things about mobile VR and hope that I could help some people with their issues.

What's next?
I'm really interested in Virtual & Augmented Reality and I'll be dealing with these topics in the future. Maybe I'll post some stuff here from time to time, if I find something that's worth posting.

Alright - I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. - Bye :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing about you and your interest in mobile VR apps and games, the glasses and controllers. It my sincere wishes for your success in bachelor thesis on Mobile Virtual Reality. Keep sharing about all kinds of Virtual Reality Glasses and China 3D VR GLASSES.

  2. Its good to hear that you have studying upon VR headsets. Can you tell me about LG VR as I like to buy one.